Wasps can be anywhere.  Killing wasps can be a challenge if the wasp nests are hard-to-reach.  Spraying wasps is now easy with the Gotcha Sprayer & Gotcha Sprayer Pro.  Position the wasp and hornet spray directly in front of the wasp nest and spray...no mess, no ladders.
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Helpful References

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The Gotcha Sprayer Pro can spray aerosols or powder dusters with an extension pole, killing wasps, wasps, wasp nests, spraying wasps, tree pruning compound, window cleaner, spray paint, smoke detector tester.
The Gotcha SpayerTM is an adaptor that enables you to attach and trigger virtually any type of aerosol can from the end of an extension pole.   Now the  Gotcha SprayerTM Pro adaptor will work with aerosol cans and our Powder Duster...   Dust or Spray for one low price.

Applications include:
Wasp and Hornet Spray
* Smoke Detector Tester
* Pruning Compound
* Spray Paint
* Aerosol Window Cleaner
* And many more...


* Reduce the risk of ladder injuries
* Access hard-to-reach areas
* Reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals
* Reduce chemicals in the environment
* Dust without bending or kneeling
* Reduce the risk of being stung
A More Profitable Business:
* Less expensive
* Saves time
* Improve professional image
* Improve customer satisfaction
* No expensive replacement parts
* No leaky seals to clean
* Best value on the market
The Gotcha Sprayer Pro adaptor triggers both aerosol cans and our powder duster with an extension pole, killing wasps, wasp nests, and dusting or spraying for wasps.

Gotcha Sprayer Pro adaptor

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Informative Links:
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Yellows Jackets and Other Social Wasps
Yellowjackets, Wasps, and Hornets
Harvest Pests of Grapes
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Agricultural Applications for the Gotcha Sprayer
Childcare Applications for the Gotcha Sprayer
Church Applications for the Gotcha Sprayer
Commercial Applications for the Gotcha Sprayer
Gas Station Applications for the Gotcha Sprayer
Parks and Recreational uses for the Gotcha Sprayer
Residential Applications for the Gotcha Sprayer
School uses for the Gotcha Sprayer
Swimming Pool uses for the Gotcha Sprayer


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This page contains useful links and is a great resource for people with allergies.

They are divided into several sections:

Medical, Educational, and Research Links

Specialist support groups and media articles.

Miscellaneous Sites - products, services and other related information

Informative Links about Wasp and Hornets


Medical, Educational, Research Links
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Very useful resource site from a leading world body of allergists and immunologists
Excellent site - with some useful information on all things allergic
Interesting technical article on wasps and their habits
General Article on Stinging Insects and Related Pests
Lots of Links to Professional bodies in immunology
Fascinating but depressing article on Australian farmers and the threat of stings to their life
The best article I have read yet about my particular problem - well written too for the non-technical!

University of Florida - IFAS

Interesting article on bee allergy and anaphylaxis


Medical advice on sting treatment

The Mayo Clinic

Medical Advice on sting treatment

Information user friendly article on bees and stings
Interesting article from the National Jewish Medical Centre on avoid insect stings
European Federation of Asthma and Allergy Associations An excellent portal site giving links to virtually every other site with anything to say on allergies
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Probably the top Journal on our subject with useful summaries on latest research that even the laymen might understand.
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease A very interesting but again rather academic site
National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine One of the top hospitals in the world for allergies and particularly insect stings
Harvard's Virtual Library Yet another amazing repository of allergy info!
British Medical Journal A recent review article from the British Medical Journal

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Specialist support groups and media articles

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I-Village Excellent treatment article with information on alternative therapies too
Pediatrics - About.com Excellent article on all insect bites and how they can affect children
Health Central Health Central is a very useful site on our subject as well as lots of other medical issues
Defeating Death's Sting Article about Claude Frazier MD who fought in the US for improved awareness of insect sting allergies and their life threatening effects. Still lots to do though!
Bee Stings and Bites Full article about the issues and the problems from the Intellihealth website.
Healing Well Well designed resource general resource with some helpful articles on immunotherapy and allergies generally.
Allergy Asthma and Immunology Online Informative site on general issues relating to allergy and asthma

The Anaphylaxis Campaign

Excellent site dedicated to food allergy and prevention of death through anaphylaxis - the founders of the campaign tragically lost their child through anaphylactic shock.

The British Allergy Foundation

Support Group for People with Allergies

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Products, services and other related information

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The Anapen EpiPen's competitor the Ana-pen gets a good rating from this article from Canada - less brutal than the EpiPen since it just has a button to push to make it work - no thigh stabbing needed!
ALK-Abello One of the companies that manufactures the serum used in insect sting immunotherapy - interesting site.
The Epipen® Information on Epipen® - the other sort of automatic injector and the most commonly employed around the world.
Hollowtop Outdoor Living and Leisure with information on how you can enjoy eating insects - if they don't sting you first!
Bees and other Stinging Insects Cute and parent friendly book on insect stings and lots of other information about stinging bugs, treatment etc.
The Philadelphia Medical Mall Site with information on doctors and allergists in the north-east of the United States

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